Transport Infrastructure Specialists

Safetycentric programme

MECX plays a key role in maintaining and developing Britain’s infrastructure and is committed to innovation and industry leadership in health, safety, quality and the environment.

The experience we have gained from working on an extensive collection of projects means that we have developed robust processes and procedures for managing risk and safety. This combined with our comprehensive infrastructure support services and professional operational teams, means that MECX has the pedigree, experience and all embracing technical abilities to offer our customers innovative, sustainable and tailored solutions, delivered in the safest way possible.

Work, rest and stay…alive!

At MECX, we take ultimate responsibility to communicate life saving rules and ensure that all staff are fully briefed before going out on a project. Site inspections are carried out regularly to ensure that contractors are continually working safely and spot checks are conducted to confirm that all are wearing the correct PPE is being worn.

The MECX ‘Safetycentric’ programme has been developed to instil a strong safety culture across the group.

As a result of our safety programme and staff culture, we will follow client work instructions and carry out tasks to a high standard but will not cut corners where safety is concerned. We do things the right way.

See it, report it – close calls, accident reports and incident reports may be submitted by any individual within the company and we actively encourage staff to do so, regardless of how minor.

Keep informed – incidents, trends and resulting corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence are cascaded to all staff as toolbox briefings. This ensures the workforce is well informed and at the same time, encourages a strong safety culture within the organisation.

Keep it at zero – zero RIDDOR reportable accidents and zero unauthorised exceeding of working hours.
Staff involvement – through just treatment and inclusion in health and safety processes our staff are knowledgeable of the significant risks in their environment and are proactive when it comes to reporting and developing safer working methods.

Staff engagement – we focus on staff engagement, high levels of competency and strong supervision, thus ensuring that we have a proactive and knowledgeable workforce.

Strength assessment – we periodically assess the strength of our safety culture using the Network Rail ‘Dimensions of Safety’ system and plan future improvements accordingly.

Correct behaviour system – we have a yellow card warning system on all sites across the business, where if operatives are found to be ignoring safe systems of work, not wearing the required PPE, or not working in accordance with work instructions etc, they will be issued with a yellow card. Two yellow cards within a 12 month period will result in immediate suspension pending a disciplinary hearing within (one week) which may lead to re-training, a final warning or dismissal.