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SSE Golden Broom Award

SSE Enterprise Rail and MECX were awarded an SSE Enterprise Golden Broom Award for the work at Paignton Station in Devon. The Golden Broom Awards recognise the contributions of team members that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to keeping work sites safe, clean and tidy. The housekeeping initiative is held each year within SSE Enterprise and championed by Managing Director, Jim McPhillimy.

Paignton Station was judged to be the joint winner alongside Erroll, an SSE Enterprise Civil depot, office and stores location based in Scotland.

Paignton Station and Site Manager Marcus Lewis, were nominated for the competition. Paignton Station’s Site Manager, Matthew Nebbett commented:

“I didn’t realise we could work that smart onsite and Paignton was heads and shoulders above my expectations. The thought and care Marcus had put into the site induction was excellent, and having a third party contractor (MECX) onsite living the brand of SSE is testimony to the team. “The quality of the work was phenomenal and the fact that the work was being delivered safely within a live station, with zero public complaints, meant Paignton was a deserved winner alongside Erroll.”

On receiving the award, Marcus Lewis said: “We worked hard on the set up of the sites and I always apply the mindset that I want my site to be set up and managed better than what is expected. For me, this means that a tidy site shows a tidy attitude, and safety goes hand in hand with good housekeeping. “I worked closely with Gavin from MECX, we share similar qualities in that we care about safety, and I think this is strongly reflected in how he communicates to his teams, and their attitude to day to day safety.”