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MECX completes Haigh Rail signalling project

MECX has worked with Haigh Rail for just under a year and has delivered three projects totalling 40K. This latest scheme took our engineers to Blackwell Village in Bromsgrove.

The whole Bromsgrove corridor is being re-signalled as part of the more extensive works for West Midlands. Haigh Rail was contracted to deliver a wider renewals scheme but as some of the disciplines are not within its scope, the signalling division at MECX teamed up with the railway engineering contractors to provide bolt on specialist technical services. MECX signalling engineers worked with the company to develop a co-ordinated signalling installation programme and delivered the technical element for the scheme involving the signalling equipment.

Signalling engineers had to remove and reinstall actuation, detection and back drive equipment to enable the renewal of 625 points of steel work. The team moved onto the site on the evening of Saturday 22nd April 2017 and as the works required a complete block of service, the S&T (Signalling and Telecoms) senior test engineer signed the equipment out of use and it was disassembled to enable to core works to progress.

To ensure that not too much disruption was caused, the teams worked throughout the weekend, around the clock, to enable completion of the scope in the 28 hour block.  The works were tested, signed off and handed back to normal control, fully completed some four hours early at 10pm on Sunday 23rd April 2017. Normal passage of traffic resumed in the allocated paths in the early hours of Monday morning, with no unplanned disruption to service.

All in all, MECX S&T had a team of six delivering the project starting with two engineers working on the surveying and planning stages and four engineers undertaking operations on the line during the weekend, including SMTH testers, point fitters and installers.  Discipline specific CRE duties were undertaken by MECX.

The new points installed are an excellent and reliable investment for the network as they'll serve their purpose with high levels of reliability for more than 20 years with the appropriate maintenance regime.

Safety is key for MECX in delivery of all works, so the S&T teams followed the safety protocol mandated and Signalling Maintenance Testing Handbook and Signal Maintenance Specifications for technical procedures. The project was delivered successfully, ahead of the set timeframe and with no issues.

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MECX completes Haigh Rail signalling project

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